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We make business loans simple.

How it works.

We make it as easy as possible to get your small business funded — with simple applications, transparent process, and humans for customer service.

Then we’ll get you matched up with a loan specialist.

They’ll help process your loan and get you the best rates no matter the loan needed.

Once approved,
consider your money on the way!

And it won’t be delivered in cash by a guy on a scooter.

Quick, clear financing for your business needs.

Explore Lendesca’s fast financing options—from lines of credit to equipment loans—with transparent terms and no hidden fees. Start now to fuel your business growth.

Expanding Seating and Meeting Customer Demand

Enhance capacity to efficiently serve a growing customer base.

Purchasing Construction Equipment for Building

Equip our team with advanced tools for innovative construction projects.

Acquiring Cutting-Edge Operational Software

Optimize operations with the latest in efficiency-driven software technology.

Hiring Line Workers and Repairing Equipment

Expand our workforce and enhance equipment reliability.

Investing in New Tools for Repair Solutions

Advance our repair capabilities with superior technology and tools.

Renovating and Upgrading Guest Rooms

Elevate guest satisfaction with modern and comfortable accommodations.

Hiring Additional Software Developers

Boost our technological innovation with top-tier software talent.

Enhancing Marketing and Advertising Efforts

Amplify market presence and customer engagement with targeted strategies.

Acquiring a New Office Space

Support business growth with strategically located office spaces.

Enhancing Customer Service Capabilities

Deliver exceptional customer support and satisfaction.

Securing Funds for Payroll Management

Ensure stable and reliable payroll operations.

Executing a Strategic Partner Buyout 

Optimize management and enhance operational efficiency.

Consolidating Debt for Financial Health 

Strengthen financial stability by managing and reducing debts.

Purchasing New Supplies and Equipment

Keep ahead of industry demands with the latest tools and supplies.

Business loans of all shapes and sizes.

Unlock your business’s potential with Lendesca’s diverse loan products. From rapid lines of credit to strategic equipment financing, discover dynamic, tailored funding solutions to elevate your operations.

Accounts receivable financing allows you to get the cash you need while waiting to get paid. We’ll loan you the money you need now so you can keep business operations running smoothly.

Starting a business costs money, and you might not have enough cash on hand for all the different kinds of expenses you’ll face. A startup loan helps you access the capital you need to get your business off the ground.

A business acquisition loan allows you to purchase an existing business or franchise. If you have a business in mind that you would like to take over but lack the funds to buy it outright, this type of financing can help you take advantage of the opportunity.

Dentists need cleaning equipment, carpenters need tools, bakers need ovens—and all of them likely need computers, printers, and checkout systems to take payments and fulfill customer orders. Purchasing all of this equipment outright can make starting a business or expanding an existing one prohibitively expensive, which is where equipment financing comes in.

A merchant cash advance is a good option for a business weathering a slowdown, provided you’re confident an uptick in business will be more than enough to repay the borrowed amount plus fees and interest when the time comes.

A business term loan describes a loan with a fixed interest rate and regular payments over a period ranging from one to five years. Because the payments will stay the same over time, these loans allow you to plan for the additional expense and fit a large business purchase into your budget.

A short-term business loan will generally have a term length between one and three years. These loans might allow seasonal businesses to weather an offseason, or they could help more traditional business navigate a brief economic downturn that causes revenue to sink.

SBA Loans are partially backed by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), which reduces the risk taken on by the lenders issuing the loans. As a result, SBA loans will generally offer the highest loan amounts available to small businesses, and at some of the best rates and longest repayment terms.

A business line of credit (LOC) is an unsecured line of credit that works like a revolving charge account, and it’s an excellent way to set up low-cost, short-term financing to help cover expenses during slow periods.

A business credit card is almost identical to a consumer credit card, although they may come with different fees, rewards or bonuses, and interest rates. Business credit cards also tend to have higher credit limits, enabling you to make larger purchases without impacting your credit score.

Small Local Boutique

Elevating retail experiences with unique inventory and decor enhancements.

Construction Startup

Laying foundations for future growth with essential heavy equipment financing.

SaaS Company

Scaling operations and enhancing software offerings through robust technology investments.

Steel Manufacturer

Modernizing facilities and machinery to boost production efficiency and output.

Auto Repair Shop

Upgrading diagnostic tools and garage equipment to service a wider range of vehicles

Hotel and Airbnb

Enhancing guest experiences with luxury upgrades and expanded amenities.

Transportation or Uber Services

Expanding fleet capacity and improving vehicle quality for superior passenger service.

Small Farm

Investing in sustainable agriculture technologies and efficient farming equipment.

Private School

Enriching educational programs with advanced learning tools and expanded facilities.

Real Estate Agency

Streamlining operations with cutting-edge real estate software and market analysis tools.

Daycare Provider

Creating engaging and safe learning environments for the next generation.

Uber Driver

Financing new, reliable vehicles to provide safe and comfortable rides.

Restaurant Supplier

Enhancing supply chain efficiency with better logistics and storage solutions.

IT Company

Driving innovation with the latest in computing power and IT infrastructure.

Fitness Center

Expanding facilities and updating fitness equipment to meet growing member demands.

Graphic Design Company

Investing in premium design software and high-performance computing hardware.

Who We’ve Helped

Discover how diverse businesses have thrived with Lendesca’s tailored financing solutions. From local startups to expansive enterprises, our clients’ success stories highlight the impact of strategic funding.

Empowering the Underrepresented.

  • Partnered with small community lenders.
  • Each offer custom crafted by our loan specialists.
  • Provide financial coverage for even the newest, smallest businesses.

Helpful Resources.

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